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Gartner - In 2021, 30% of the large companies will use AI

IT service bot is used by 50% of all the employees

In 2018, conversational chat-bots answered 30% of all queries


Business Case Scenarios

  • Augments sales forecasting processes
  • Drastically reduces cost of customer support
  • Effectively answers customer support queries
  • Delivers prompt solutions to customers' queries
  • Ascertain sensitivity to sales promo and discounts
  • Provides production-grade systems that deliver high ROI
  • Utilized by industries such as medical institutions, consumer electronics, and automobiles sector.


  • Bots are available 24x7 providing all time availability for customers
  • Take the pressure off customer support teams via Self Service
  • Work with structured and unstructured knowledge stores in the organisation
  • Bots improve with time as more users use it
  • Integrated Support Ticketing system
  • Detailed Reports on usage
  • Pre-existing knowledge base for IT issues


  • Classify the support tickets automatically to the correct category and assign appropriate personnel
  • Work with unstructured documents e.g. policy documents
  • Answer low-touch and high-frequency tickets by suggesting relevant articles to customers
  • Learning from each customer interaction and training itself to deliver more relevant and customized content with each solved ticket
  • Accept queries over business messengers (Skype, Teams, FB Messenger etc)