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Gartner Says AI Technologies Will Be in Almost Every New Software Product by 2020.

Does AI have practical use in your organisation today? This whitepaper provides an enterprise framework for applying AI to derive maximum benefit for your enterprise.

What you will find in the Whitepaper

  • 3 Use Cases for Immediate Use

We identify 3 immediate use cases that you can utilize AI for irrespective of the industry.

  • Guideline: AI strategy for your Organisation

We propose pragmatic strategy to adopt AI in your organisation.


Leading organisations are driving smarter, faster and accurate decisions augmented by the recent breakthroughs in machine learning.

We serve as strategic advisors to organisations on their machine learning journey. We first develop deep understanding of the customer's business and suggest appropriate Machine Learning strategies where appropriate.

Our focus is to deliver maximum RoI for investments made in Machine Learning technology.

Machine Learning Experts


Bot Development

 We leverage natural language processing and machine learning technologies to have fluent conversations with customers over a simple chat interface. Some areas where we have deployed bots: 

1. Internal IT services division to correctly classify incoming tickets and offer self service solutions

2. Provide a public interface on Facebook for a healthcare organisation

3. Advise correct product to purchase for an international insurer


Machine Learning Case Studies

Sample Problem Areas we have worked upon: 

1. Sales Forecast for a beverage major

2. Classify competing marketing messages on their efficiency for a marketing company

3. Classify short medical queries into the disease they are likely targeted towards for a healthcare startup

4. Identify fraudulent behavior and practices for a financial company

5. Help police identify gang activity based on individual modus operandi